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Bridge Club & Bridge Learning

Interested in playing Bridge in the village but haven't got a partner?  Sheepscombe Bridge Club invites anyone interested in playing Bridge to come and join our Bridge club where we will try to find you a partner.


Club starts the season in September and runs until May with a break for Christmas. The Club meets on 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays of the month. It is held in the Village Hall. The Hall is open from 6.50ish and we aim to start play about 7 o'clock [Until Oct 2017 we started at 7.15]


Hugh Tarran  Tel: 01452 814081  or via Contact Page       or

Joy Edwards  Tel: 01452 812588 E-mail: joyattheplough@gmail.com


‘Learn By Play’ Bridge in Sheepscombe – Winter Months

     at Sheepscombe Village Hall  10-12am Tuesdays

This is no longer running

Many people start playing bridge with friends or go to classes but then stop playing for a variety of reasons. Others play occasionally with friends and would like to play a bit more or would like to improve their play. If this is you then you may like to try out Tuesday morning ‘Learn by Play’. Sessions are spent playing the cards but with a chance to ask questions. We even play some of the hands the bridge club played last week to see if we can do better.


People have holidays, baby-sit, etc. so people rarely make every week, but this is not a structured course. There is repetition of ‘topics’ and re-use of teaching hands over time. My aim is for people to play enjoyable bridge and (hopefully) from experience learn improved card play and consistent bidding. We meet every Tuesday morning in winter months in Sheepscombe village hall, to include a cuppa/biscuit as long as I don’t wash up.


The sessions could be suitable for anyone who knows a little bridge and wants practice with discussion. Whist players who can pick things up fast may also want to give it a go (I can do a separate ‘catch-up’ session). Please get in touch to know more or if you’d like to join us. Hugh Tarran 814081 email h.tarran@tiscali.co.uk. Click to see some of the sample hands to play

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