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There were until recently two places of worship in Sheepscombe


The Methodist Chapel: Closed November 2017


St. John's Church (C of E): Sunday service  11.00am.    Thursday service 9.30am

Vicar: Awaiting appointment. Church Wardens: Gordon Horner, Tessa Lentel

Website: St Johns Church


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The Church of St. John the Apostle, Sheepscombe, Diocese of Gloucester

Our simple but attractive church was built by the villagers in the 1820s and is one of six churches in the Beacon Benefice. The church is open every day to welcome anyone who wishes to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.


St. John’s is an active, thriving Church which plays an integral part in village life, including the school. Many church members are actively involved in local, national and international charities.  The Church provides both financial and practical support where possible.

SUNDAY SERVICES at 11am usually follow a schedule

See the church website to confirm details for coming weeks.  

 1st Sunday: Communion [Common Worship]

 2nd Sunday: Matins [BCP]

 3rd Sunday: Holy Communion [BCP]

 4th Sunday: Lay-led service for all ages (no communion)

 5th Sunday service is held at 7pm and is lay led


The Christmas Day service is at 9.30am – to help whoever

is cooking Lunch!  There is also regular worship at 9.30am on Thursdays and special services at other times.  

We offer coffee, soft drinks, biscuits and sometimes wine after the 11am Sunday services. All are welcome

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