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Common 1989

Pictures of a Sheepscombe Common workparty in January 1989 taken by Janet van Rensburg. At a workparty in January 2014 we were talking about previous workparties. Pat Parker would often drive up the track to find us carrying hot drinks and freshly made scones. The Parkers lived at the Wool Barn. The pictures show the trees and long grass of that time. Sue Brett lived at Steepways and was a teacher at the School.

CommonJan1989_ElisSkinner_SueBrett_MichelBlanc CommonJan1989_DenysAndKateDelhanty_ANother_ CommonJan1989_JohnAndPatParker_MalcolmMennie_JohnW CommonJan1989_JohnParker_AnthonyHacking CommonJan1989_KateDelhanty CommonJan1989_JohnWorkman_AnthonyHacking

Kate Delhanty

John Workman, Anthony Hacking                                        

John & Pat Parker, Malcolm Mennie, John Workman

Elisabeth Skinner, Sue Brett, Michel Blanc

Denys & Kate Delhanty, and unknown