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Sheepscombe Woods & Commons

The Sheepscombe valley includes several woods and commons and these are part of the Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve (NNR). The areas include Sheepscombe Common, Bull's Cross, Buckholt Wood, Lord’s and Lady’s Wood, Saltridge Wood, Workmans Wood, Blackstable Wood and Pope’s Wood. The woodlands are part of the Cotswold Beechwoods Special Area of Conservation (SAC).


The Ebworth Estate and The National Trust (NT)

The head of the Sheepscombe valley is part of the Ebworth Estate, just over 1000 acres donated by the Workman family in 1989 to The National Trust.  The Estate includes an organic mixed tenant farm of 650 acres and 350 acres of NNR beech woodland which is managed in hand by the NT (Workmans, Lords and Ladies, Blackstable, Popes and Saltridge Woods).  The old farm buildings at Ebworth also house the Gloucestershire Countryside National Trust team who look after countryside properties throughout Gloucestershire, the Natural England NNR staff and the Poole’s framing business.


Ebworth is home to the NT’s Belted Galloway herd of cattle, munching flower-rich Cotswold grassland in this area.


Public access is restricted to numerous designated and permissive paths throughout the Estate. For more detail contact the NT Ebworth Ranger at  Matt.Stanway@nationaltrust.org.uk , phone 01452-810058



Poetry trail: A walk from Sheepscombe School to Ebworth. The installation is the culmination of more than a year’s work which saw the children write a series of poems.  These poems were transcribed onto wooden leaves, the timber originally felled on the Ebworth Estate. Open to all along public footpath


An Ebworth downloadable walk on the NT website (confusingly on a page for Crickley Hill),   with photos by Rob Wolstenholme


Natural England NNR Team

For more details use this link Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve or phone 01452-813630

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The ponds

John Workman measuring a tree

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