New page for bird-lovers:

Please check out the list of local birds and see how you can help to keep it updated.

A free wildlife event

Run by the Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve on the weekend of 10-11 September. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED ON ADVICE FROM DEFRA IN RESPECT OF THE NATIONAL MOURNING FOR THE QUEEN

We are pleased to now include a new section of the website devoted to climate action. We hope that this will provide villagers with useful and constructive information on how to play our part in this pressing concern.

Request from web-master:

Now that the village is getting into gear again, it would be appreciated if those who run village activities could provide me with updates to keep the website lively and interesting! Also, if you have taken any lovely photographs you would like to share, please send them to me and they will be displayed in our gallery.