Upcoming Events at the Village Hall

NT Live and the Village Cinema will be back! This page is currently being left as a placeholder so that we can resume activities as soon as possible.

Events are listed in the drop-down menu beside this menu option (Village Hall Events and Tickets). Please select the event you wish to book and you can order tickets and pay securely through our PayPal gateway. Please note, you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay for tickets: you can use any debit or credit card.

We are taking many precautions to provide for your safety, including the online booking system which will limit the maximum number of people in the Village Hall to allow for social distancing. We are also offering the opportunity to pre-order drinks with your ticket booking to avoid the need for cash payments at the Hall.

Please note that booking is essential in order to control the number of people in the Hall to ensure the safety of all.

NT Live:

Our first production will be Cyrano de Bergerac

Unfortunately, the new regulations on Covid-19 mean that this performance has been postponed. Please come back to the site to check future performance news.

Sheepscombe Cinema

Dark Waters

US: 2019; Director Todd Haynes. Cast: Mark Ruffalo; Tim Robbins

This screening is not available due to the new lockdown measures. Please return for more information.

An environmental thriller which is also a true story, about corporate negligence by a large chemical company (DuPont) poisoned the water of a small town over decades. The film follows the efforts of a dogged lawyer who is persuaded by the evidence, but finds it difficult to prove that DuPont knew about their negligence due to the corruption surrounding it. The insidious confidence of such a large company has a chilling effect and a feeling of helplessness pervades in the face of corruption. It is a powerful and disturbing watch.

More information is available in the Sheepscombe News and the Village Newsletter

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