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We are taking many precautions to provide for your safety, including the online booking system which will limit the maximum number of people in the Village Hall to allow for social distancing. We are also offering the opportunity to pre-order drinks with your ticket booking to avoid the need for cash payments at the Hall. Please note that masks should be worn at these events.

Please note that booking is essential in order to control the number of people in the Hall to ensure the safety of all.

NT Live:

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Sheepscombe Cinema


Japan 2015; Director: Kore-eda Hirokasu

At their (estranged) father’s funeral, three sisters discover that they have a younger teenage half sister and they take her in. The resulting relationships lead each of them to reflect on her past – and to think about her future. It is graceful, warm and full of kindness, with small observations showing quiet joy and simple pleasures – and tender aspects of Japanese life rarely seen in films. The Times review summarised it as: ‘A gentle, lyrical, enchanting and beautifully shot film’.

We are still asking for booking beforehand for the time being, but we will seriously try to accommodate those who arrive on spec – but no guarantee of change given!

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