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The Shape of Our Valley: Sheepscombe Garden Walks 2021

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Images by Catherine Harder

The Shape of Our Valley: Sheepscombe Garden Walks 2021
For the benefit of Sheepscombe School

Donate below to receive:

  • a map
  • a list of the open gardens with dates and times
  • brief notes on each garden
  • email updates about any changes

How to Enjoy our Garden Walks, and what it means to the School

When you have given a donation for the school, of whatever amount you feel to be right, we will send out a map, a list of the open gardens, dates and times, brief notes on each garden, and then a final confirmation email on the day before to let you know of any last-minute changes. You are welcome to visit our gardens on any of the dates shown below.   If you do not receive any information from us, please send us a request using the form below.   

If you should experience any difficulty with the PayPal donation, please use the contact form below to pledge an amount of money, and then bring it with you one the day – cash please, and the correct money since we will have no change.

Nearly 20 gardeners in Sheepscombe have agreed to share their lovely and diverse gardens and views of the valley with walkers in these final days of lockdown, for the benefit of Sheepscombe School. This is not a formal event but a community initiative. The idea is that, on the dates below, a selection of gardens will be open, informally, for you to see and experience different corners of our beautiful village.

In return, we hope you will make a donation for the benefit of Sheepscombe School. The School has done exceptionally well throughout this tough period under the leadership of headteacher Mrs. Vicky Barron, supported by committed governors. The staff have had double and triple workloads in teaching to meet the regulatory requirements. The parents have also been hard pressed to home-school, so have not had the fund-raising opportunities that they have in normal years. We, the Sheepscombe village gardeners, hope to send them a wave of support by raising funds for extra-curricular activities (such as music and sports) so that the children growing up in our valley have the benefit of opportunities that larger schools in cities can more readily offer.

We will also have a sale of plants and recycled garden tools (while supplies last…) There will be cash boxes on site, so please come with cash and change. We plan to use an honesty box!

Planned Dates

April 24–25: Trench Hill Trail with a couple of gardens in Magpie Bottom

May 1st, 2:00 – 6:00 pm: sale of plants and second-hand garden ‘stuff’ in an open garden in Longridge

May 22–23: 5 gardens around Jack’s Green with a plant sale

June 12–13: 9 gardens in the centre of Sheepscombe with a plant sale

We ask all visitors to behave as responsible citizens and socially distance as you would on your normal walks. If any garden looks too crowded, please wait for a few minutes. For some gardens, where the access/capacity is limited, we will put a limiting note at the entrance. Please remember you visit our gardens at your own risk. As you can imagine, most gardens have steep steps, slopes down the Cotswold hillside and narrow paths, so please take good care of yourselves, come in good footwear – and supervise your children! And no dogs in the gardens, please!

Parking is very limited so please bring a car only if absolutely necessary. Information about parking will be included with your email notification.

Please complete the form below to provide your email address for us to send you the garden information and click SEND MESSAGE. Then click the PayPal button to make a secure donation using PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account to do this).