Climate Action

Villagers have been taking climate action for 40 years in various ways (particularly by improving the energy efficiency of their homes).  Over the past year many have been writing about their experience in Sheepscombe News and presenting/attending events at the village hall.  The presentations below come from events held in March:

Villager Toby Roberts showed some of the data he has been collecting on his own home and seven others in the village.  Each house has a different heritage and energy use differs widely.  His slides show the energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions of each home and the amount derived electricity, oil/gas and wood usage. Click here to read the document

Severn Wye Energy Agency, a charity with a base in Gloucester, talked about Greening Our Homes – an introduction to retrofit.  The village hall and several villagers have had their homes surveyed for energy efficiency by Severn Wye.  The slides illustrate some of the options available, how they might be financed and the services that Severn Wye provides. Click here to read the document. You can find out more about them here:

Villager Toby Smith, who is a professional photographer, explained the role of Climate Outreach, and the power of visuals in influencing behaviour. Click here to see the pdf presentation.   You can read and see more at and

Ben Goodare, Renishaw’s Head of Sustainability, talked about Renishaw’s record and plans as a sustainable businesses.  Karl Harder, villager and co-founder of Abundance Investment, talked about how to invest sustainably. Click here to see the presentation.