Date(s) - 28/09/2021
19:30 - 22:30

Fringe cinema
Date – 28/09/2021
Doors open: 19:30 for screening at 20.00




Lebanon 2018; Arabic with English subtitles; Director Nadine Labaki

12 year old Zain lives with his neglectful parents in Beirut; they can barely afford to feed themselves, trapped by their circumstances. Zain is more of a fighter and he runs away from home. On the street, he battles the hazards of shantytowns, souks, prisons and betrayals with wily, angry energy, living by his wits, but with an inner moral decency. He befriends a mother and becomes a surrogate brother to her 2 year old – in what must be one of the greatest infant performances in cinema. The storytelling has a lyricism and a humour that contrasts with the grimness of the circumstances; it is one of the best depictions of how street kids learn to survive, despite deprivation and neglect. It is angry, but with enough humour and tenderness to catch your heart.

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