Cherry Blossoms

Date(s) - 22/03/2022
19:30 - 22:00


An elderly (German) couple decide, as a special treat, to visit their children and grandchildren now living away in Berlin. When they arrive, their children are too busy with their own lives and have no time for them (a tribute to ‘Tokyo Story’). Unexpectedly, the wife suddenly dies. When looking through her things, the husband realises that his wife devoted herself to him so much that she had sacrificed her own dreams: to visit Japan and to enjoy ‘Butoh’ – a modern Japanese dance style. To make up, he goes to Japan, where he meets a young Japanese woman dancing in the park in Butoh style – to cope with her own mother’s death. They become friends and go to see Mount Fuji, which his wife had always wanted to see. He wakes one night, sees Mt Fuji in the moonlight and goes to the lake where he imitates Butoh – and is joined by a vision of his wife. It is a deep, and ultimately tender story first about the contacts and the feelings between an elderly couple and their children and then about what it means to miss out on your dreams when young.

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