Coming Home

Date(s) - 24/05/2022
19:30 - 22:00

A history professor (Lu) was arrested during the Cultural Revolution in China – when it was offence enough just to be a professor, and sent to a ‘re-education’ camp/prison. Ten years later, he escapes and the authorities warn his family of repercussions if they try to help him. He does try to return home, but his daughter, who hardly knows him, betrays him to the authorities, which leads to his recapture. Three years later, the now exonerated Lu is released home, but his wife now has a form of amnesia: she remembers she has a husband, but does not recognize him when he returns. Lu makes various gentle attempts to jog her memory, but they achieve little.

This film is excellent, the work of a world-class director. All the three main actors are amazing: Gong Li especially as the wife; one of the great actresses of our time, plays down her own natural beauty and screen charisma. It is a powerful story, romantic and sad – with a beautifully understated ending.


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