High Noon

Date(s) - 26/10/2021
19:30 - 22:00


US 1952; Director Fred Zinnemann; Cast: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly

Marshal Kane is about to leave town with his new bride, when he learns that a brutal killer whom he had previously sent to the gallows, has been pardoned, set free and is now on a train arriving at noon, seeking revenge. His wife urges him to leave town quickly, but Kane’s sense of duty and honour make him stay; he tries, but fails, to find help from the townsfolk. The clock, and the story, run inexorably down towards noon, the ticking suggesting both the train’s approach and the passage of time. The film manages to be about morality while avoiding sermonising; Kane’s principles stop him from running from his fears. The brilliant ending contrasts the crowd’s cowardice with Kane’s principles.  It is well worth seeing again! (Incidentally, it is also an allegory of Hollywood ‘blacklisting’ and betrayals during the McCarthy era witch hunts.)

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