Lucky Grandma

Date(s) - 24/08/2021
19:30 - 22:00


US 2020; Starring Tsai Chin

Grandma Wong is a stubborn, strong and rather crotchety widow in her 80s. Encouraged by a fortune teller, she takes a risk at the casino. On her way home, she comes across a bag of cash that belongs to a US Chinese ‘mafia’ gang; she keeps it, so becomes a target of the gang and hires a (discount) bodyguard. Grandma finds herself in over her head, time and again, but she uses her inherent craftiness to get her out of danger. At 86, Tsai Chin (an ex-Bond girl) plays the grandma. There is something universal about a grumpy, fiercely independent old grandma who has no time for other people’s silliness – even when they are criminal! It’s basically an American film, so there is a gun fight, but no car chases.

We would still be pleased if you booked here, although you are also now welcome to come on spec. The usual donation applies; masks are still requested and we will seat you gently socially distanced!

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