Village Hall is re-opening in September 2020!

As you will be aware, Government guidelines have meant that all activities in the Village Hall have had to be suspended due to the measures to try to combat Covid-19. Now the current relaxations mean that, with a lot of preparatory work by the Trustees, the Hall can be open again from 1st September 2020, with many of the previous events returning (including: the Village Cinema, NT Live, Air in G, the W.I, and the Bridge Club).

Information regarding the re-opening of various clubs and groups will be available under the relevant organisations’ pages in the Activities menu. For events at the Village Hall open to all villagers, such as Village Cinema, NT Live and Air in G, please visit the Upcoming Events and the Village Hall page under the Village Hall menu. These events will require reservations using a new online booking system that makes this simple and secure.’  

Community Support: if anyone needs support or would like to help to provide support to vulnerable people in our community, please use this contact form. Help may be needed with shopping, collecting medicines or some communication through phone calls or letters.
There are volunteers in the village who can help with shopping and many other features of today’s strange life for those self-isolating. Sarah Biggs is co-ordinating this with others – use the contact form on this website or obtain direct details from the Sheepscombe Newsletter.

COVID-19 – Painswick Support Group:
Please visit this site for lots of information and useful links. Please note that for volunteer help Sheepscombe you should contact Sarah Biggs.
The group also has a Facebook page at Painswick Coronavirus Support

COVID-19 Advice: For advice and information from Gloucestershire County Council, please visit this link.